Equipment packages

Equipment for steel modular homes ECO, DOME, POOL, GREEN package

Equipment for steel modular homes ECO, DOME, POOL, GREEN package

In order to offer a more customized product, we provide a wide range of equipment packages for your home. It consists of a series of equipment that can be chosen all together or separated so that you get a lower price.

+ECO Package

It is about a number of facilities to improve ecology, energy saving and efficiency. We offer an eco-friendly project that also helps you save money. This package includes:

  • Additional panel in cover for Domestic Hot Water production (DHW)
  • Photovoltaic solar cover located on the porch of the vehicle parking for battery charge or recharge of the electric vehicle (panels area of 12 m2)
  • Recycling home greywater for its reuse.
  • Rainwater collection system for irrigation purposes of the plot.

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+DOME Package

It is about a number of installations for the centralization of all housing features and mechanisms for its control. It gives a better comfort and also provides energy saving. This concept is known as HOME AUTOMATION or automated intelligent home. This package includes:

  • Switchboard automation control of all facilities
  • Motorized security blinds for solar control and safety.
  • Climate system control
  • Lighting system control


Configure your own prefabricated home

POOL Package

For single family dwellings on plot there is the possibility to include in turnkey housing concept the construction of the pool with all facilities required. The project should also include the pool project (included in this package).

As a reference we offer a “pool” product with a surface area of 3x12+3= 45m2, with a lane for swimming of 3x12 and a children’s area of 3x3, everything for a fixed price including: project, excavation, pool construction, lighting for the basin of the pool and auxiliary facilities. For other configurations you can opt to a custom design.

Configure your own prefabricated home

GREEN Package

A package also designed for single family dwellings on a plot which includes garden design, plant varieties plantation, irrigation system, implementation of paved surfaces and awnings, pergolas, etc. according to the project design. This package requires a previous design and the price will be adjusted according to the needs and requirements of the plot and the client.

Configure your own prefabricated home