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REHABIT Sustainable Steel Prefab Modular Homes – Collections

Sustainable Steel Prefab Modular Homes – Collections

Internal alteration in single and multi-family dwellings, business premises or remounts on existing buildings. It can act both on exterior and interior appearance.


REHABIT collection homes are mainly internal alteration in existing housing, which may also include internal redistribution and exterior finish alteration in single-family dwellings.
In many cases it is also about extensions of existing homes, easily carried out with our structural tekdōm ®_FR system. This system is faster, lighter and with better thermal, acoustic insulation than other traditional systems. Furthermore, its lightness provides better remounts on existing structures since it avoids overloading the existing structure and foundations.

Spatial quality

Daytime and night time zones are separated by the lobby, which becomes the nexus of the entire house.
Daytime zone comprises a kitchen and a dining room with a direct relation. The kitchen unit incorporates annex the laundry room. Night time zone consists of the bedroom module according to the configuration chosen. All configurations have two bathrooms, and one of them can be incorporated into the master bedroom.
Interiors are defined with high quality resistant materials to ensure proper maintenance of the dwelling. Comfort and welfare are guaranteed by the configuration of the rooms and natural lighting and ventilation in all parts of the house.

You can have a top-quality life thanks to a clear organization of the space and the quality of the materials used.

Architecture design

Designs are simple, pure and current. You can enjoy of your home design thanks to our 3D models and have the certainty that your home is fully adapted to your wishes and needs before drafting the architectural project.

In addition, tekdōm® works with a team of architects to ensure full attention to detail and a high quality final product.


REHABIT concept does not start from a fixed format but it is the client who creates his own model.

Customize your home with the finish line that better suits your needs:

We offer a high quality product considering its quality / design / cost relationship. The level of tekdōm® standard quality starts from a quality over the average, as you can see in attached qualities file.

You can see our home finishes by downloading Quality Report.

Tekdom quality (en)

Configure your own prefabricated home REHABIT + QUALITY

For those who are more demanding and seek high quality product above all, we provide this quality finish line, which improves all finish qualities in the dwelling, as well as the kitchen and bathroom furniture and electrical appliance. The result is a high quality design home, with highest level in the finishes.

Tekdom premium (en)

Configure your own prefabricated home REHABIT + PREMIUM

Example of models

Examples of configurations with modules REHABIT